Ahmed Jalap

Chairman of the Board

Jalap group companies are considered one of the economical pioneer groups in Yemen in terms of the firm’s investments size along with its strong competitive position in the market, making it enjoys great trust and excellent reputation on both domestic and global levels which was the result of consistent hard-work in the business field over the years and being devoted to our principles and values those have not altered over the years. . The group seeks to keep its distinguished and leading positioning which the group achieved on both domestic and global levels, to become an international group that runs larger activities with multinationals. From the group sense of belief for the importance of keeping up with the developments, the firm has founded management that enjoys complete independence that sets up all essential plans and strategies for developing the business and enhancing the production capacity In accordance to the international standards. And despite our legitimate rights in making profits, yet it is not set as the firm’s main concern where it would be a contrary to our well recognized principles and values endorsing that taking our chances embarking in the industrial business field which is tainted by many indoor and outdoor rapid changes beside the intensive competition against the imported products. Consequently, this endorses our belief of the importance of researches and needed studies beside attracting well-qualified manpower which we belief is the main column in making promising and successful firm as for the present and future.

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