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Today, the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is a global organization with operations in more than 40 nations, distributing products to more than 180 countries. Its heritage is filled with stories of leadership, innovation, and integrity, but its origins begin over a century ago when a Chicago businessman decided to offer his customers a little “something for nothing.”

A Bold Entrepreneur

The year was 1891, and the businessman was William Wrigley Jr. Born in Philadelphia, Wrigley Jr. had moved to Chicago and was selling necessities like soap and baking powder, when he noticed a rather curious trend: The sticks of gum he was giving away for free as incentives were proving more popular than the merchandise itself.

A born entrepreneur with a knack for identifying opportunities where others only saw risk, Wrigley Jr. quickly directed his prodigious energies toward producing his own line of gums. One of his first aims was to combat the lingering stereotype that only women should chew gum. Two of the company’s earliest products — Sweet Sixteen Orange and Lotta Gum —revolutionized chewing gum’s appeal, spreading interest to the youth market and then to the public at large.

In 1893, during an economic depression, he introduced two brands that would become company icons: Wrigley’s Spearmint® and Juicy Fruit®. And when an even more debilitating economic downturn arrived in 1907, Wrigley did the unthinkable, mortgaging everything he owned to launch a massive advertising campaign, a move that skyrocketed the company into national prominence and set the stage for the company’s future groundbreaking advertising strategies.

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