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The history of Riclan begins in the forties, when Mrs. Irene Teixeira started to manufacture candies in her own home and sell them at the railway station to passengers on the Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro.

Due to the tremendous success of the candies, Mrs. Irene founded IG Teixeira and hired several employees. In 1963, the factory enjoyed new investment, began to manufacture lollipops, and was renamed Fábrica de Balas São João (St. John’s Candy Factory). By this time, our taste had already spread throughout Brazil with the production of 1.5 tons of product per day.

The strategy adopted by the company to win new markets and offer quality products meant that a modern factory of 30,000 square meters would be inaugurated in 1973. From there, the world came to know the delicious taste of St. John products.

Since that time, the Factory quickly sought to bring modern and high-quality products to consumers. The production of bubble gums began in 1979. Thus, the Buzzy brand was born, which has been a great success, and can be purchased with a variety of entertaining cards.

With the need to offer even more modern and distinctive products, in 1985, the Factory acquired state-of-the-art equipment and entered the Drops market under the Freegells trademark. In addition, the factory revolutionized the market by introducing the first menthol-containing candy in Brazil and was again a pioneer by launching a menthol-containing candy product combined with cards.

After so many investments in technology, in 2000 a new posture was adopted in order to update and consolidate the company's corporate image, which then became known as Riclan S.A.

Riclan is a pioneer in the licensing and launching of modern products with a contemporary personality that creates the greatest success with the public. Riclan also owns brands that demonstrate the company’s quality, such as Freegells, Buzzy, Pocket, Pop Mania, Gomutcho, Energy Mix and TNT. Today the factory produces 240 tons of product per day, which is distributed throughout the entire national territory and more than 80 countries such as the United States, England, Belgium, China, Australia, Mexico, and Argentina.

In 2003, a 200,000 square-meter lot, also in Rio Claro, was acquired, where a modern distribution center was installed. The quality of the raw material used, the constant updating and modernization of the industrial park, and the training and specialized skills of the employees, permit Riclan to occupy a position of prominence on the national and international scene, and Riclan is now considered one of the most innovative companies in the candy sector.

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