A Brief History

This great facility experienced three important and different time and place constituent phases 

The first stage: 

  Is one of the most important stages of its founder and the first is the ancestor (Abdo Jalap) .alve disease his business in 1930. 
And who was one of the races in the business in Yemen in general and regional level and especially rural and thereby put the first seed for the commercial sense, who became innately inherited between generations to the present day. 

Phase II: 

With the passage of time and the evolution of commercial activities and after the revolution of September 26 disease official business register with the first and the Ministry of Commerce in 1969, which is considered the building blocks for a prestigious Yemeni commercial companies which have a leading role in the national economy on behalf of the service - Yahya Abdo Jalap General Trading), which was the real breakthrough these giant facility. The pioneers of this important stage two: Haj (Yahya Jalap worshipers) and Haj (Qasim Yahya Jalap worshipers) 

Phase III: 

In the sixth of Chehrmayoaam 1996. Emerged economic Square pioneer new look commercially authenticity of up to 26 years and Jalap on behalf of brothers of trade and investment company led by new captain Mr. / Ahmed Yahya Jalap. The membership of the two brothers / Ali Yahya and Jalap Yahya Abdul Rahman Jalap. 
The pace of the past, which are still confident and fixed toward making a radical shift in the course of business houses to strengthen its position in the national economy map.

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