The company's strategy: 

Since the strategy is a plan of action in order to guide the implementation of the company's message to achieve the goals of the company through a vision of the future and the company follows a different and modern strategies in all administrative, financial and human, logistical and marketing aspects and the most important: 
professional and thoughtful of the world's best products to the local market selection for the high quality and the right price basis :

1- provide exceptional products to create multiple options sophisticated consumer environment to meet the Yemeni consumer desires. 
2- continuity in the work of studies and research and marketing of industrial rotating local markets and new global markets. 
3- lifting capacities and competencies of human cadres in the field of administrative and technical field and in the commercial and industrial sectors. 
4- follow the latest technological systems and information in the planning, organization and implementation and evaluation of the administrative and financial work into force. 
5- work and implementation of proportional modern and diverse marketing and promotional plans with the local market. 
6- continuous updating of plans for products distribution company for the purpose of providing for the largest number of consumers. 
7- support the implementation of the distributional plans to build a renewed fleet equipped with the latest distributive large, medium and small cars and equipped with the latest mobile storage media to ensure consumer access to integrated products nutritional value. 
8- expansion in building a modern and diverse dry stores and refrigerated and frozen, and continue to build the necessary to increase the quality of our products and industrial industrial attachments.

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