Our principles

The message: 
Of capital and a Yemeni national service company working on the Yemeni economy in general and in particular the citizen cadres Yemeni Mahlhan through the production and marketing of high quality products at a reasonable price 

Qualitative and quantitative and outstanding industrial upgrading in providing products and services for the global consumer marketing materials By raising the level of services and human talent and production capacity, according to global tandards. 

• the forefront of global marketing services for consumer products at the local level, the regional level. 
• Increase market share and achieve increasing growth rates in sales from competitors with excellence quality and service 
• Actively contribute to the payment of commercial, industrial and economic development in Yemen Yemen wheel 

• Quality basic treated us to outperform competitors 
• credibility in dealing with self and others 
• the employee is the cornerstone of the company 
• Continuous development is continuous communication mechanism with global markets

Welcome To JALAP BROS for Trade & Investment Co.